Tracking Marriott Bonvoy Points and Qualifying Spend With Excel

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Using EXCEL To Track Your Stays & Earnings

I started tracking my spend in 2018 – I had some missing points and spend, and at that time Points Advance was available, so I used my spreadsheet to forecast our travel and earned points, based upon known work travel.
It’s been through a few modifications since then, and still works well for me to track my annual activity. I mark rows and cells in different colors to highlight them for myself.
  • Red rows/cells have something wrong – points or spend
  • Green rows/cells are finished, properly posted stays
  • Tan rows/cells are future travel with estimates for spend

There are some basic instructions below the download button. I’ll be updating the post with more information, including more insight and instructions, soon.  🙂

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New Version Alert

6/5/24: Version 1.4.3 released - Added additional columns to track the entire folio/spend and the percentage of total spend to qualified spend.

Full Release Notes at the bottom of the page.

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Enter Your Starting Points Amount on the 2023 Tracking Spreadsheet Here

To add a new cell, select the cell above and choose Insert and Shift Cells Down.
DON'T Insert rows here as it will cause errors with the other columns

To add a date, click the cell 1st and then the date in the calendar.
To filter a column (or multiple columns), select your filter criteria & Blanks
Thanks for your interest in the Bonvoy Tracker. This is the latest download tracker map!

Release Notes:

12/3/23 10:00pm: Ver 1.1 released

12/3/23 11:38pm: Version 1.2 released
– Update to make it easier to add your starting points and bonus percentage.

12/4/23: Version 1.3 released
– Add disclaimer about formula for column J

1/22/24: Version 1.4 released
– Add instruction tab and screen captures to show how to add a new row
– Added new columns for Status and Upgrade
– Added filtering to columns
– Added date picker to make date entry easier

1/22/24: Version 1.4.2 released
– Bug Fix to remove the external link reference. The tracking sheet does NOT need to link back to the website or me for functionality


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